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iPad generation sees huge rise in back and neck pain

The number of young people seeking help for back or neck pain has risen 60 per cent in the past year, driven by sedentary lifestyles and the use of technology


Nearly half of young people are suffering from neck or back pain because of the ‘sedentery epidemic’ which is sweeping Britain and the rise in laptop technology, health experts have warned.

The British Chiropractic Association said that increasing numbers of under 30s are seeking medical help because they are spending up to 10 hours a day sitting down, often behind screens.

The number of 16 to 24-year-olds who now say they suffer from back and neck pain has risen from 28 per cent to 45 per cent within a year, a 60 per cent rise. Almost one quarter said they suffered on a daily basis.

BCA chiropractor Tim Hutchful said: “We’re seeing a rise in the number of people experiencing back and neck related problems because our modern lifestyle is forcing us to stay seated and I’m concerned that the number of patients under the age of 30 coming through our doors is increasing.

“Many people are completely unaware that staying in the same position can cause unnecessary strain on the back.

“Whether at your desk, on your tablet or sitting watching TV, it’s really important to take regular breaks to relieve the build-up of tension in your lower back. Sitting causes up to twice as much pressure on discs on the spine as standing so, as a nation, we’re vulnerable.

“Your back is always hard at work – even when you think you’re relaxing.”

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