Back pain affects most people at some point in their life. It is a symptom that indicates dysfunction in the spine so early episodes of back pain, that come and go, should not be ignored. The most common area affected is the lower back but problems can occur anywhere along the spine and symptoms can manifest in areas all around the body, such as the buttocks, groin, hips, and legs (commonly called sciatica).

Problems in the spine and neck can also cause symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, clicking jaw, pins and needles and many more. Indeed research has shown that problems related to the back may affect over 60% of the UK’s population at some stage in their lives.

Back and neck pain is usually described as an ache, or stiffness, with sharp pain on certain movements but the types of pains people get vary.There are many underlying causes of pain and symptoms can be exacerbated by many things such as physical and emotional stress. Some people may describe a specific injury to their back, such as twisting or lifting awkwardly whereas others have a gradual occurrence of pain often related to work or postural changes.

Most people get better within a few weeks of experiencing pain, but for others, symptoms can continue for many years after the initial problem. Their lives and those of their family can be affected as they struggle to maintain a normal life.

At Oaklands Osteopathy, we assess the spine looking for areas of restriction, pain, injury and muscle tightness. Your treatment will then address these restrictions using a variety of techniques such as physical manipulation, stretching and massage to improve your mobility and relieve muscle tension. In addition, you will be given relevant advice and a rehabilitation programme for you to follow as part of your treatment plan.


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