Musculo-skeletal injuries either related to a poor posture at work or exacerbated by poor posture work are becoming increasingly more common.  Carrying out desk posture and assessment are extremely important and vital to minimise risk of injury in the office work place.  The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides information regarding the requirements that are necessary to maintain good health at work.  (

At Oaklands Osteopathy, we understand the importance of being comfortable in the workplace.  Whether you are standing on your feet all day, seated at a desk using a computer or whether you are carrying out manual work.

Ergonomic Assessments

Many businesses already provide a desk or workstation assessment.  At Oaklands Osteopathy, we are interested in the individual, their medical history and aches and pains that may or may not be related to their occupation.  We can offer work based Ergonomic services tailor made to suit your business.  In most cases, we will spend up to an hour with each individual to take a case history to find out more about the individual (including any areas of discomfort or injuries).  We will then assess them in their work environment and discuss with them any areas that may need assistance.  From this case history, we are then able to produce an individually based report with our recommendations from the desk set up itself to specific exercises to help the individual.

We are also able to propose equipment should this be necessary.


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