Sports injury treatment by osteopaths is an increasingly popular choice for those participating in all types of sports, thanks to our detailed knowledge of body mechanics and understanding of how to treat and prevent common sporting injuries.

Osteopaths consider all the factors, which may have led up to and contributed to the injury: these are often just as important as the injury itself as they often slow down, or possibly even prevent total rehabilitation.

Mobility of the body is of the utmost importance to an athlete. Poor flexibility in the joints will prevent the body performing at its best and is often an important contributory element to injury.

All levels of sporting enthusiasts can benefit from sports injury osteopathy and sports massage therapy to help keep you at your training peak and also enable a swift return to sport following strains and overuse injuries.

By using manual techniques, the osteopath provides the body with the best environment for repair, and enables it to function at its best.

Advice on self-care is always given to maximise the effects of treatment and minimise the possibility of recurrence. This may include specific exercises, technique tips and postural advice.

Common sporting injuries seen at our clinics are:

If you are not sure if Osteopathy can be of benefit to you, please contact the clinic for advice.


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